Creating a Better Business System With Core Values

by Rob Levin
Published May 18, 2021

Joe Rojas is the Founder and CEO of Start Grow Manage, a business coaching and consulting company helping entrepreneurs thrive by exceeding their revenue goals. Joe and his team focus on helping business owners establish brand clarity and purpose by helping business owners establish a solid brand voice, core values, vision, and mission. According to Joe, establishing your business’s core values and purpose before developing internal and external processes changes the game and helps you become more intentional about who you serve and why.

After quitting school at the age of 11, Joe managed to own his first business by age 17. He later joined the military then transitioned into working for the National Guard unit. Along the way, he also worked for a biomedical engineering company, an IT firm, then officially established his first IT company, which was a big failure, but that didn’t stop him.

From big failure to major success

So how does someone go from failing in business to establishing a successful coaching and consulting company? It takes grit, brand clarity, and strategy. Joe uses his early experiences as a business owner to empower his internal teams to offer consulting services that help business owners hit their first million dollars in revenue and beyond.

Joe helps people get unstuck, something we often talk about here at Work Better Now. We loved hearing how Joe refers our virtual assistants to some of his clients who oftentimes feel overwhelmed and burned out.

In our interview, Joe revealed how getting out of the way as much as possible and surrounding yourself with a team of people who are smarter than you is key to becoming an effective CEO for your business.

The benefits of having a clear vision for your business

According to Joe, getting brand clarity was a game-changer for his business. If you are finding yourself working in your business rather than on it, It might be time to level up your business and rediscover your why.

According to Joe, not having clarity on your values, mission, and vision will stop your business from reaching its full potential.

It takes innovation, automation, and continued learning to turn your business into a growth machine. Watch our full interview with Joe to get the scoop on tactics you can start putting into place to level up your business today.

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