How to Enable a Positive Work Environment for High-Performing Teams

by Rob Levin
Published May 27, 2021

We sat down with channel maven, serial entrepreneur, and mother of two, Heather Margolis, to discuss all things business and success. Being an entrepreneur was written in the stars for Heather. She started working at the early age of 13, in a hardware store and auto body shop.

Fast-forward to 2021, Heather is now the founder and CEO of two thriving businesses. Her first business, Channel Maven Consulting is a channel marketing agency focused on helping large companies better communicate and drive demand generation with channel partners.

Through Heather’s experience with Channel Maven Consulting, she was inspired to launch a new brand, Spark Your Channel. Spark Your Channel is a SaaS platform that allows channel partners to repurpose and customize content from large brands to curate content for their own marketing channels.

From growing pains to building a rockstar team

After having a negative experience in corporate America and facing toxic competitiveness in the workplace, Heather put on her visionary hat and decided to make fostering a positive culture a top priority in her businesses. Launching Spark Your Channel during the beginning of a pandemic didn’t come easy, but that didn’t stop Heather. Through grit, she was able to sustain her thriving business, Channel Maven Consulting, while building a whole new business with a fresh team of knowledgeable experts.

We asked Heather what makes her businesses stand out, and we couldn’t agree more with her feedback on how fostering a positive work environment and culture enables her team to produce their best work.

According to Heather, having a team that feels like family is one of the things that makes her business thrive. Speaking of teams, we are proud to have some of our Virtual Assistants (VAs) become a part of Heather’s rockstar team at Spark Your Channel. Our VAs provide Heather with the support she needs in different areas of her business, including customer success coaches, sales and marketing reps, and growth specialists.

What it means to be CEO, according to Heather Margolis

To Heather, being a CEO means splitting her attention between two separate businesses at different stages of the business lifecycle. With Channel Maven Consulting being a more mature and established brand, Heather is more hands-off and oversees business development through analyzing financials and evaluating pipelines against the brand’s goals and vision. At the same time, Spark Your Channel is a newer brand that is still in the infant stage and requires more hands-on nurturing.

So how does one woman build two thriving businesses, manage full-time employees, and nurture a young family? It takes collaboration and surrounding yourself with the right team of professionals who are self-sufficient and expert at what they do. Watch our full interview with Heather Margolis to find out how she became the go-to channel maven and to learn how you can become a pioneering CEO in your industry.

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