What It Takes To Transform Your Business

by Andrew Cohen
Published October 18, 2021

The #WorkingBetterNow Series features successful business leaders and their powerful stories. In this edition, we spoke with our client, Shawn Busse, CEO and Founder of Kinesis. Kinesis helps businesses (largely B2B) with brand, culture, and business development. Shawn reflects on the challenging experience that motivated him to try something different, leading him to build much stronger and more successful teams.

“Hiring people who are good with change is just such a winning play when you’re in the business of advice, when you’re in the business of trying to help other people. Fundamentally we’re in an era of massive radical change. If you have employees who like change and embrace it, and aren’t scared of it, they will thrive in this kind of environment.”

— Shawn Busse

 About Shawn Busse & Kinesis Inc.

Kinesis is a small business catalyst. What do we mean by that? We’re dedicated to helping the hidden force behind half of our economy: owner-run businesses that shape our communities, create meaningful jobs, and lead with a sense of purpose. 

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