The Power of Authentic Leadership
by Work Better Now
Published October 13, 2022

Helping others reach their full potential is at the heart of what we do, and our recent guest Ed Molitor has built his business around that same value.

Ed Molitor is the founder of The Molitor Group. Ed and his team help individuals, leaders, and teams unleash their greatness. They use values-based, purpose-driven executive coaching and leadership training to help others reach their own leadership goals and beyond.

They believe reflection, adaption, and self-awareness are three of the most important aspects of impactful leadership. The Molitor Group also emphasizes the importance of authenticity in leadership—a buzzword they’ve been using since before it was a buzzword, according to Ed. 

Authentic leadership involves honesty, integrity, and vulnerability. “So often, as CEOs, we feel like we need to have all the answers,” said Ed. But he believes being vulnerable is the key to showing those you lead that you trust them and respect them enough to ask for their input.  

Ed’s work is his passion, but he hasn’t had time to go beyond his day-to-day and explore partnerships and opportunities beyond the growth his company has seen so far—until now. 

 On average, executives spend only 15% of each day working on meaningful and rewarding work that helps their business prosper. The rest of their time is spent on busy work, meetings, and searching for information. 

Ed said hiring his WBN assistant has been a game-changer in that aspect. “I have no idea where our business would be without her…She is exactly the type of individual that I was looking for.”

Our thorough interview process provided Ed with a perfect match that goes far deeper than the everyday administrative tasks he initially needed handled. “She speaks my language,” he said. 

Ed appreciates how dedicated she is to her work, and to the organization as a whole. “She wants us to succeed…we’re a team,” he said.

Find out more about The Molitor Group.

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