The Best Minds On Growing Your Marketing Company

by Rob Levin
Published November 9, 2019

“It is the best of times, it is the worst of times” is the feeling that many marketing company principals have today. It is the best of times because our clients desperately need marketing help today to deal with changing buyer behavior and new technologies. It is the worst of times because it is hard to keep up with changing buyer behavior and new technologies and finicky clients. Said another way, the same trends that are creating opportunities are creating challenges.

What is a marketing company to do to grow? In this post we pull actionable strategies and ideas from some of the best minds in the business on what it takes to grow a marketing company today. One thing for sure is that the change needed to get where you want to be tomorrow has less to do with Google or Facebook (or any other technology) and more to do with how you position your company externally and internally (including how you see yourself).

Here are 4 articles on growing your marketing company. As you read them, consider the following:

  • When something seems obvious, ask yourself, “are we really doing this?”
  • When a point keeps coming up (like specializing or becoming your own client), realize that there is a reason why
  • Remember that as businesses grow, they really need to evolve. What got you to where you are today is not what will get you to where you want to be tomorrow.    

  1. It’s Official: Digital Marketing Agency Services Are A Commodity! Now What?
    Mike Lieberman breaks down how commoditization has hit the marketing business and what you need to do about it. 
  2. 11 Agency Growth Secrets From 6 of The Best Founders 
    6 successful founders breakdown what it takes to grow a successful marketing company today, with examples. 
  3. 14 Things To Consider For An Effective Digital Marketing Agency Growth in 2019
    While there is some overlap with the above article, there are a few compelling, not-so-obvious ideas here such as streamlining your onboarding process and mastering the upsell. 
  4. Top Delegation and Empowerment Tips
    12 CEOs and coaches have fantastic tips on how to get the most out of your most important resources: your people.

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