How Businesses Are Using Automation To Get Ahead
by Rob Levin
Published August 11, 2020

Once upon a time, automation was only affordable for large businesses. Today, companies of any size can afford automation solutions for practically any part of their business. As you will read below, businesses that are using automation are doing more with less, reducing errors and managing to keep businesses open even in times of Covid-19. For years I have been saying that companies not using automation will get left behind. In today’s unprecedented times, automation is more crucial than ever.

Here is what several business owners had to say about how their companies are using automation.

“Our agency uses automation at many levels of the marketing and sales process including email marketing for sales qualification, lead scoring, CRM automation, and much more. Having automation as part of the process helps us focus on the most qualified prospects, service our existing clients, and grow our business.”

Elyse Flynn Meyer

Prism Global Marketing Solutions

“We use a product called Laserfiche (full discloser, we are a dealer) to help improve our workflow. It has helped us improve processes such as our customer on-boarding process, annual team member review process, and a process we have where every team member fills out/updates a personal vision and goals worksheet each year and throughout the year.

Once the workflow is built, it’s actually amazing how efficient the once arduous process becomes. It just makes us want to do another. Ultimately, giving our team members more impactful things that move us toward our company vision and goals.”

Rob Dube
Image One Way

“We are using automation extensively on my search, recruiting and staffing firm ACG Resources. We utilized automation for candidate and client engagement, job posting and surveys. We are constantly upgrading and exploring ways to use the latest automated tools to become more efficient and effective. I have, in my long career in the industry gone from a paper pen environment when I started to a completely automated environment.

Our ATS/CRM is Bullhorn. For engagement we use Herefish and Flashrecruit. For
searching Daxtra. And for posting Broadbean. We are exploring a tool named
Mustard for candidate marketing. Also exploring some new AI bots.”

Len Adams, CPC, CTS

ACG Resources – Adams Consulting Group

“We built automation tools to process thousands and thousands of client exit interviews. We receive requests to call separating employees all over the world. Now, when a request is made (to call a separating employee “Kelly”) we created instant event triggers:

  1. An email goes to us with all of Kelly’s contact info and an active hyperlink to the specific questions applicable to her (for our capture/logging)  
  2. An email goes to Kelly with our contact info, and affirms our role as an independent third party  
  3. An SMS text is sent to Kelly, with our phone number for one-click call back, and link to description of confidentiality on our website  
  4. Every week/month/quarter at any time, a pre-set report automatically goes to the client on completion progress as well as roll-up responses, comparisons, and trending of answer changes over time 

BENEFITS: This increased exit interview completion rates 10% to 20%, reduces our time and effort to manage, and accelerates client responsiveness to hiring and motivation issues or cultural concerns in any key business areas.”

Chason Hecht

Retensa Retention Strategies

“We use automation in our business from CRM / marketing automation (for biz dev and for candidate management) to bookkeeping / record keeping automation. Automation saves us time and significantly reduces human error, both in manual data entry and in missed opportunity (i.e. “I forgot to send that campaign email.” Or, “I lost my receipt.”)”

Jennifer M. Scott


“We use marketing and sales automation software (HubSpot) for marketing and sales. This includes content marketing, email marketing, SEO, prospecting, lead generation, lead nurturing, analytics, etc. The biggest benefit of automation is that it decreases the number of steps and the related cognitive load of having to do a lot more tasks and actions.” 

Douglas Burdett

We’re using it in our hiring, extensively, primarily with Bamboo HR. We also use it for email marketing/CRM and invoicing. All of this allows us to do more with less, but – surprisingly – with better customer experiences via strategic messaging plans.”

Shawn Busse


“We automate invoicing with a home-grown MS FoxPro app that gathers contractors’ hours by project with description (entered via Excel spreadsheet and then imported) and then creates invoices in a multi-step process with exit points for review/approval of invoices. Benefits include reduced time to produce invoices each month, reduced errors, and easier to audit and track.”

Tony Coretto
PNT Marketing Services

“I love automation for routine tasks (e.g., social media posts, Canva design, Slack (selectively)), but nothing will ever replace the human touch in business building and relationship cultivation.”

Nancy Shenker


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