Four Ways My Assistant Elevated My Game

by Rob Levin
Published August 27, 2020

If you have done business with me, you have interacted with Jessica, who has been my assistant for six years. To say that I can’t imagine life without her would be an understatement.

I am a principal in a few businesses and serve on two not-for-profit boards. Without Jessica, there is no way I could do it all, not to mention spend time with family and friends.

Jessica Benavides

While Jessica does a ton of things for me (check out WBN’s list of 56 things a VA can do you for you—Jessica does many of these for me and my team), here are the four that have made the biggest impact.

1. Scheduling
Last week, I had 31 calls and appointments. Jessica scheduled 27 of them. Some were easy, like scheduling the maintenance for my car, while others were more challenging, such as a client call with six people that had to be rescheduled twice.

Factoring in for all the back-and-forth and all-too-common rescheduling, I estimate that, on average, each appointment takes at least 15 minutes to schedule.

So for the 27 Jessica scheduled, she saved me nearly seven hours last week alone. Seven hours I used for things like improving a big client proposal, refining a pitch deck and rolling up my sleeves to help a client turn a challenge into an opportunity.

2. Prospect List-Building
I am a huge fan of building and utilizing prospect lists, especially for B2B companies. Whether you have an outbound sales team or you are marketing via email, you can’t sell something if you don’t know who you are selling to.

Last year Jessica built a list of 800+ marketing executives as prospective clients for my marketing business. This year, she has put together a list of 9,000 prospects (so far) for Work Better Now that we are using for an outbound marketing program.

I can’t imagine how many hours this has saved WBN. The reality is that if we didn’t have Jessica, we probably wouldn’t go forward with this initiative, which we believe will be very successful.

3. Putting Processes in Place
I am a big fan of processes in business. It is a key element to scaling, keeping sanity and increasing the value of your business. But I don’t have the patience to create them. Enter Jessica, who has built dozens of processes for my businesses.

These processes ensure that we do things the best way possible every time. They also have come in handy when Jessica was out on maternity leave and her temporary replacement was able to simply turn to the file of processes to know how to do things, which meant that I didn’t have to take the time to explain.

4. Personal Tasks
With so much going on, it is critical that I stay focused during the week. I can be effective only if I use my time efficiently. So while those pesky personal tasks need to get done, they use up precious time and interrupt me.

Whether it is following up on the status of the umbrella shipment for my patio (hey guys, the summer is ending soon!), scheduling medical appointments, taking care of payment for some personal, non-automated bills, or researching hotels and restaurants for a getaway with my wife, Jessica is giving me four to six additional hours a week to focus on business by taking these personal tasks off my plate.

Andrew Cohen and I started WBN a couple of years ago after I was telling Andrew about the impact Jessica has made on my businesses and my life. We decided that every business should have an assistant so they can elevate their game.

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