Every Business Should Have an Assistant

by Rob Levin
Published March 2, 2020

Over the course of my career, I have met and spoken with more than a thousand business owners (I used to own a media company that served small businesses). I know business owners that have built 9 figure businesses and many more that have capped out at $1 – 2 million dollars.

While there are many factors that determine a business owner’s success, one of the most common attributes among successful entrepreneurs is that they build companies that don’t rely on themselves. Sure they might get involved in big sales and certainly create great work environments and set compelling visions, but they understand the strength of empowerment and delegation.

On the other hand, most business owners say things like, “It will take longer for me to explain than to do it myself” and “I’ll hire someone when I close the big deal that I’m working on.” I know. I was once one of them.

Of all the things that business owners do that they shouldn’t be doing, administrative tasks top the list. Every hour scheduling or rescheduling calls and meetings, adding people to your contacts or CRM, checking email, and so on, is an hour not being spent on high-valued activities like business development, improving the customer experience and building up the team. We estimate that most business owners spend over 10 hours per week on administrative tasks. That is over 500 hours per year or around 25% of work hours.

Still not convinced? Here is the simple math. If you are earning $100,000 your time is worth at least $50 per hour (based on 2,000 work hours per year). If you are earning $200,000, your time is worth $100 per hour. Would you pay someone $50 or $100 per hour to do administrative work?

By the way, when doing this simple calculation, use the amount of money that you want to earn, not what you are earning right now.

The Solution

With a small handful of exceptions, having an assistant makes sense for every business. Whether it is a personal assistant for the owner or an assistant the employees can offload administrative tasks to, which enables them to focus on higher-value activities, an assistant is an investment that delivers a killer ROI.

This is why my partner and I started Work Better Now (WBN). We believe so much that every business should have an assistant (at least one) that we wanted to find a way to make having a great assistant affordable to just about every business. For $1,750 per month (under $11 per hour), you can have a full-time, dedicated assistant enabling you to spend more time on high-valued activities (including spending more time with friends and family if you so choose).

We often hear, “I know I should get an assistant but I don’t know where to start.” I said the same thing when a friend suggested that I was overdue for an assistant about 6 years ago. This is why we have a 15-minute consultation where we can help you determine how an assistant can revolutionize your business and your life (as it has done for mine). We also have an onboarding process that ensures that our assistants are freeing up your time from Day 1. For more specific ideas check out: 56 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

Work Better Now provides full-time, dedicated virtual assistants for $1,750 per month. Schedule a 15-minute consultation to find out what a Work Better Now virtual assistant can do for you.

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