A Doctor and Founder on Growing His Business in the Pandemic

by Andrew Cohen
Published December 20, 2021

How do you get healthy? In this #WorkingBetterNow interview, our client and award-winning nutritionist, Dr. Steve Hoody, CEO/Founder of Healthier2gether, shares his inspiring story and the journey that led him to founding his company, helping patients globally, and navigating through the pandemic and a changing business culture.

“I’ve had the vision where I wanted to go. I had a large multi-discipline practice with 90 employees seven or eight years ago. And for 20 years, I wanted to build this up to that level again, but I couldn’t get the help I needed to do it. Now we have the battle plan again, and we’re working towards doing that, even on a larger scale. We’ll probably soon be saying we need to interview more people.”

Dr. Steve Hoody

About Dr. Hoody & Healthier2Gether
Dr. Stephen Hoody is an award-winning nutritionist in New York City. He is the CEO/Founder of Healthier2gether and Novo Wellness & Weight Loss, New York Health Centers, and Manhattan Total Health Centers. Dr. Hoody is pioneering DNA-driven healthcare to individualize care, boost a person’s immunity and deliver optimal health. He has spoken on WABC 770, the Better Living Radio Talk Show, the United Nations, FBI, Chase Bank and at many other companies.

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