A Growing Accounting Firm with a Business Development Advantage

This edition of #WorkingBetterNow features business leader Joe Romano, President of Joe Romano & Associates, a national CPA firm based in New York. Joe oversees a large and rapidly growing team of tax accountants with more than 600 clients in small businesses across the country. A business development machine, Joe knew that he needed an executive assistant that could help their team continue to go above and beyond for their clients and streamline communications.

“I thought it would take three to six months, it took three to six days for my WBN Assistant to hit the ground running. I can’t say enough great things about how happy I am. We’ll probably end up hiring another one or two assistants. The way it’s freed me up is absolutely phenomenal!”

Since hiring Stephany as his WBN Virtual Assistant, Joe has been able to focus on dedicating more time to his team, talking to clients, and taking the occasional day off that felt impossible to do before bringing Stephany on board. 

About Joe Romano and Romano & Associates

Romano & Associates had a dream of opening a great accounting firm since the early 90’s. That dream has since become a reality. We created an environment where we exceed your expectations with our level of service. You will find our certified public accountants (CPA’s) to be responsive, professional and extremely knowledgeable.

Find out more about Romano & Associates. https://romano-tax.com/

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